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Social Media Schedule

  1. How to leverage the power of social media
  2. Twitter - More than just tweets
  3. Facebook - Clever targetted remarketing
  4. LinkedIn - Professional Networking and Business Platform
  5. Pinterest - Image sharing and optimization
  6. Instagram - What does your competition do?
  7. Youtube - The 2nd biggest search engine behind Google
  8. Summary

How to leverage the power of social media

Social media is nothing short of a phenomenom in the marketing world. It opens up enormous potential.
With near instant access to a huge audience with targetting capabilities it is a marketers dream come true!

Keyword Research

The potential is so huge and available however, it opens it up to a lot of noise.

We help navigate the complexities of this social media universe and find the topics, trends, tags, accounts and platforms where your target audience is active. We create cohesive content distribution plans that leverage the broad spectrum of social media platforms.

We help your brand stand out from the crowd and drive targetted traffic to your site.

Twitter - More than just tweets

Twitter is a very active and diverse platform with the ability to promote posts to an audience and time that works best.


Just tweeting and using hashtags with a well formed tweet is not enough. We research your audience, find the influencers and the active users. We create lists and audience personas to market too. This forms part of a broad social media and content distribution strategy with active engagement and detailed analytics of the campaign performance.

Facebook - Clever targetted remarketing

Facebook offers clver remarketing with its pixel tracking code. Have you ever been surprised by finding a product that you were interested in show up in your feed? Thats no accident. Facebook offers the ability to remarket to people who may have been intersted in your product or services. These people can be targetted through a marketing sales funnel and actively marketed to through from discovery to conversion.

Facebook Cover

Facebook allows targetting of specific audiences or custom audiences through tracking code. We can set up campaigns that track the buyers journey and provide detailed analysis of the effectiveness of these campaigns. Utilizing social media in this way gets all of the potential buyers at various stages of their buyer journey, rather than the more typical PPC approach of just targetting people that are imminently ready to buy.

LinkedIn - Professional Networking and Business Platform

LinkedIn is a professional business networking platform, however it has undergone a transformation into a content publishing platform. This is a great way to target professionals and businesses.

LinkedIn Cover

Linkedin also has the ability to use tracking code to directlry target and remarket to specific potential customers.

Pinterest - Image sharing and optimization

Pinterest is an image sharing site with lots of active users and very good user retention. This gives a great opportunity to reach an audience and gety our brand discovered.

Pintrest Statistics Infographic

Instagram - What does your competition do?

Instagram is another platform like Pintrest, with similar user demographics, however it is more story based.

Instagram Logo

Instagram lets you create highly visual stories and follow people, brands and topics that you like. The approach with instagram is not to market too the audience but to market with them. This is where brand influencers and brand ambassadors work well.

Youtube - The 2nd biggest search engine behind Google

An often overlooked fact is that Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google.

Video marketing is often described as something new, and in fact is cited as a top 2019 trend to follow in digital marketing however it has been around for about 15 years now!

Youtube offers several opportunities to put your brand in front of an audience.


A social media strategy is developed based on thorough market research and understanding of your target demographic and user base.

We build your brand and leverage multiple social media channels in a cohesive content marketing strategy to drive targetted traffic to your site.

Market Research

Market Research

Learn about our unique and customized market research process. We go beyond the traditional keyword research and conduct thorough market research


Content Marketing


With Content Marketing quality wins over quantity. We focus on optimizing existing content and producing high quality content that is tagetted and distrbuted in a very effective way..