Market Research

We go beyond traditional keyword research and create detailed search market research that feeds into content strategy and targetting.

Organic Keyword Trends

  1. Organic Research - How do people search?
  2. Competitive Analysis - What does your competition do?
  3. Keyword Research - What are people searching for?

Organic Research

Organic research looks what people search for and how they are using search to find what they are looking for.

This includes detailed domain research for your domain and your competitors. It even gives significant insight and competitive anlysis so you can see what strategies your competitors are using and what is working for them.

Organic Research

We look at the keyword trends and positions and see what effect various algorithm updates had. This helps understand what works in each niche, as every market is different. This is why we undertake this work so that

Organic Keywords Trends

Traffic trends and positions are very useful for understanding if an algorithm update has caused a traffic drop. It is also possible to understand how competitors are using paid search and what the trends of their organic and paid search traffic are.

Organic Traffic Trend

One of the most under used areas in SEO is optimization for specific SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) features. You will likely have seen an image or a feature snippet in the search results. These are SERPs features that short circuit the organic rankgs and get you front page coverage.

SERPs Features

Have you ever seen a search result with a 5 star rating? That is a SERP feature as well. There are many SERPs features and their use and prevelance is increasing. This is in line with Google's goal of being an answer engine rather than just a search engine. We make sure that your content has the answer for the searcher so Google presents your site above anyone elses.

Using geographical analytics to undertand where your traffic is coming from is very important.

Geographic Analytics

We can drill down to a city level and see how people interact with your content and target specifically to them.

Demographic analysis helps understand your users. We can drill down to specific interests and intent. From there, we can create tailored social media remarketing campaigns and accurately target users guiding them to a purchase decision.

Demographic Analytics

Competitive Analysis - What does your competition do?

Organic research looks at the

Organic Research

Competitior and niche backlink profiles

Backlink Profile

Keyword Research

Most people think they know what their customers are searching for, however the reality is there are often many different keyword variations with different levels of search volume and competition.

Keyword Research

We have a proprietry KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) forumla with weightings and additional parameters not typically used in the SEO industry that gives our research an edge.

Generally, we are looking for the hihest search volumes, with the lowest number of competing pages and competition with a low keyword difficulty score. That is not the whole picture though, we factor in searcher intent, content type and the number of related keywords and their respective scroes.

Content Marketing


With Content Marketing quality wins over quantity. We focus on optimizing existing content and producing high quality content that is tagetted and distrbuted in a very effective way..


Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO makes sure all of the code, tags, attributes and structure of a site are optimized and correctly formated to make it easy for search engines to find your site.