SEO Reports

STOLBER Digital Marketing Agency creates advanced reports for monthly managed SEO services, competitive research, ranking reports, and domain overviews.

Advanced SEO Reports

Advanced Marketing Reports

Reporting is an integreal part of our business. Reports can be very valuable, but they can also give information overload and hide the useful information within all the noise of the data.

We are looking for concise actionable information that reports on the KPI (Key Performanbce Indicators) that are used to measure the success of the digital marketing strategy.

Types of reports

  1. Traffic Overview (Google Analytics / Search Console)
  2. SERPs Ranking Report
  3. Keyword Research Report
  4. Monthly Campaign Report
  5. User Behavior
  6. Geographical
  7. Demographic
  8. User Interests
  9. Source & Conversion Tracking

Traffic Overview (Google Analytics / Search Console)

A traffic report shows what visitors you have to your site, who they are, where they are from, what they are interested in and how they use your site.

Traffic Report

This encompasses data from the following reports

SERPs Ranking Report

A SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking report shows what position you rank for various keywords.

Organic Keywords Report

This is one of the more eagely anticipated reports from our clients and its clear why. Your ranking report is a clear indication of how the campaign is progressing.

As the digital marketing industry has evolved though, the particular emphasis on just rankings has shifted away to look more at traffic performance, user behavior, user intent and conversions. Afterall, you would likely prefer 1000 conversions from 2000 visitors than 500 conversions from 5000 visitors.

Keyword Research Report

Continuing along with the theme of not just focussing on rankings, focussing on just one keyword or speiciic keywords per page is a trend that has been changing in the industry.

Keyword Research Reports

The focus is much more on grouping and intent of keyword searches rather than just the traffic to one top level keyword. For example, it is possible to have a page rank for 100 keywords that have 20 visits per month, this would be much better than just one keyword with 500 visits per month.

This is where keyword research feeds into the content marketing part of a digital marketing strategy.

Monthly Campaign Report

The monthly campaign report is our main report to clients.

Monthly Campaign Reports

This report is highy customized to suit the needs of each client, but it covers all of the important metrics and KPIs of your digital marketing campaign.

User Behavior

User behavior is a critical aspect to monitor. We provide detailed reports on how people interact with your site.

In the graphic below you can see the traffic flow through a site, the user interactions and where visitors are being lost. This is how we understand and optimize how people from different sources are interacting with the content, and continually improve the user experience to drive more conversions.

User Behavior Report

Understanding how users from different sources interact with your site and what their intent and expectations are helps to optimize a site and a digital marketing campaign.


Geographical break down and analysis is provided to understand where users are coming from and how they are interacting with your site.

This can be on a country or region level, a state or county level or even on an individual city level for local businesses.

Geopgraphical Report


Once you know where your users are, you want to know who they are

Demographics Report

Demographic analysis shows the range of ages of your users and their gender.

This information is very useful in building a digital marketing strategy as you will know if your users typically use Pintrest of LinkedIn predominantly.


Drilling down even more from where and who your users are, now we can get into what categories of interests they have.

User Interests Report

This allows for detailed understanding of your users that can be used to build a highly effective digital marketing strategy.

Source & Conversion Tracking

Once we have a detailed understanding of our site visitors we then need to analyze how they interact with the site from each source.

Conversion Tracking Report

Now we can measure the effectiveness for each traffic source for each type of site visitor and tailor and optimize appopriately.

Market Research

Market Research

Learn about our unique and customized market research process. We go beyond the traditional keyword research and conduct thorough market research


Content Marketing


With Content Marketing quality wins over quantity. We focus on optimizing existing content and producing high quality content that is tagetted and distrbuted in a very effective way..