Tree and Lawn Care Business – Low Hanging Fruit

Tree and Lawn Care SEO Low Hanging Fruit

June 23, 2021

Tree and Lawn Care SEO

SEO isn’t an overnight event, it's a continual process and we make that point abundantly clear to our clients, however, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some quick initial wins and low-hanging fruit to leverage. Sometimes fixing minor technical issues and cleaning up what Google has in its index can pay dividends.

Tree and Lawn Care SEO Low Hanging Fruit

The Result of Our Work

Existing established sites usually have a laundry list of technical items and indexing problems that can be holding them back. That was the case with this site. SEO is a marathon not a sprint, but there are often some long hanging fruit items that can get some initial quick wins.
  • Fix broken links;
  • Fix site errors;
  • Clean up hisorical indexing issues.