PPC - Paid Search Ads

STOLBER Digital Marketing Agency can manage your paid search marketing ads and create advanced PPC campaigns for you to drive traffic to your site right now!

PPC - Pay Per Click & Paid Ads

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site immeadiately is with paid ads.

Short circuit the organic results and jump ahead of your competition with paid search ads. You do have to be careful with paid ads though as you can burn through a lot of budget with little results if the advertising campaign is not well researched and executed.

Google Ads gives you a lot of tools to help rank your site where people search for you. With a well executed and cohesive digital marketing strartegy we levergae the immeadiate results obtainable with paid search and use it as a feedback loop to fine tune the organic search campaign.

Google's not the only player in town!

While Google does have the lion's share of the paid search market there are often opportunities elsewhere that typically offer better ROI.

Social Medium Promotion

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and many other platforms also offer paid advertising.

Youtube - the second biggest search engine behind Google

Youtube is the second biggest search engine behind Google (also owned by Google) and is one of the most under estimated platforms for advertising and reach.

Market Research

Market Research

Learn about our unique and customized market research process. We go beyond the traditional keyword research and conduct thorough market research


Content Marketing


With Content Marketing quality wins over quantity. We focus on optimizing existing content and producing high quality content that is tagetted and distrbuted in a very effective way..