Content Marketing

STOLBER Digital Marketing Agency carries out thorough content marketing and research, structuring and distribution your conten into a managed marketing funnel.

Content Marketing

We get your content out in front of your customers!

Get found by the people who are looking for what you offer.

  1. Type - What type of content do you need?
  2. Distribution - How is the content distributed?
  3. Research - Content trends and audience
  4. Funnel Position - Take note of searcher intent
  5. User Behavior - Give your users what they want
  6. Summary

What type of content do you need?

This sounds obvious, your users want a web page right? Well .... yes, but not just that.

Content Marketing

Not all web pages are of the same content type and the way in which content is consumed is also different depending on how your users behave, where they are in their search journey and what the intent of their search is.

Depending on the search a user might be expecting an information research to type blog post, and iframe thats the cae trying to get them to visit an ecommerce product sales page is not likely to work well. Even if you goal is to sell them a product ultimately arriving on your product page, that is not where they are at in their journey.

Content research and competitor analysis will show the types of content that your users are expecting to consume. Data shows that longer more detailed content generally performs well, as does content with complimentry graphics and imagery.

Content Lenght

This data is from a study by Backlinko on 1 million google search results

The same study shows that the majority of sites in the top positions have at least one image within the content.

This study also shows that image use drops off sharply wen the rankings drop.

The message here is clear, USE IMAGES!


How is the content distributed?

Content distribution is the practice of taking a piece of content and marketing across channels and platforms in a coordinated way that is targeted at your users.

Effective content distribution will levergae the power of a single piece of content and maximize its effectiveness. People will see the same message and information across channels which significantly increases the chance of converting a user to a goal.

Research - Content trends and audience

They greatest content in the world is worthless if it is not timed right and delivered ot the right market.

Content Research

Our analysis looks at search trends and targets content to when it will be the most effective. This research also identifies when the content needs to be completed bya nd published by. Timing something wrong by even one day can mean you miss a tidal wave of traffic in some markets.

Funnel Position - Take note of searcher intent

The marketing funnel position is one of the most important and least understood facets of content marketing.

Marketing Funnel

Understanding the intent of the search and where a potential customer is in their buyer journey will help deliver what the user is looking for.

There are stages of search intent from discovery, awareness, consideration, conversion and advocacy.
Each of these stages needs carefully delivered content, nurturing and contact with the user in order to convert them.


Initial discovery stage, this is where potential customers become aware of your product, service or brand. This stage is usually targeted on social media, blogs, webinars and viral campaigns.


Engagement stage, this is where the potential customer is given details of the product or service through targeted content, emails and news letters.


This stage is where the potential customer gets to compare and consider your product and service offerings. Typically shows use cases, reviews, free trials and product information.


This is where the prospective customer has converted to a sale, but it i not the end of the process of the funnel.

Remarketing and contuing engagement will lead to further purchases. It is also possible to offer additional products and services at the time of covnersion.

Many people focus on the bottom of the funnel at conversion and just try to market directly to this part of the buyer journey. That is fine, the trouble is, it is the most competetive and lowest volume of the potential traffic. This applies to paid search as well as organic, direct, social and referral traffic.

Out content marketing recearch and analysis allows us to make the most of all potential searchs and tailor specific content that will drive more conversions and more customers.

User Behavior - Give your users what they want

One of the best indicators of how well content is recieved is the user behavior metrics from the interaction with the content.

Analytics User Behavior

We use our content marketing analysis and research techniques to identify the type of content that is working well and build on it. Contrarily we also use the same analysis to identify content that is perofming poorley to improve and optimizie it.


In summary, content marketing is a complex blen of research, understanding and distributing to the right platofrms and the right time.

Meerley publishing a great blog post is not enough to get vast amouints of people to view it.

Content Marketing


With Content Marketing quality wins over quantity. We focus on optimizing existing content and producing high quality content that is tagetted and distrbuted in a very effective way..


Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO makes sure all of the code, tags, attributes and structure of a site are optimized and correctly formated to make it easy for search engines to find your site.