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How Large Companies Can Leverage Their Employees' Expertise to Enhance Their SEO

Date: 12/09/2020 @12:04 PM, By Trevor StolberTwiter linkLinkedIn link

Google Guaranteed

Learn how to leverage your employees’ to enhance your SEO. Increase traffic and sales by improving the authority of your brand.

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What you need to know about the Google Guaranteed Program

Date: 07/22/2020 @10:33 PM, By Trevor StolberTwiter linkLinkedIn link

Google Guaranteed

What is the Google Guaranteed program, how do I get my badge and is it worth it?
Read on to learn more and see if it is right for you.

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COVID-19 Small Busines Resource Hub

Date: 04/14/2020 @12:43 PM, By Trevor StolberTwiter linkLinkedIn link

COVID-19 Small Business Resources

Here is our list of COVID-19 related Small Business resources. We list how you can get help, how you can help, share some interesting stories and provide some useful links for small bsuinesses in these challening times.

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Small Busines Marketing Advice for COID-19

Date: 03/22/2020 @09:49 PM, By Trevor StolberTwiter linkLinkedIn link

COVID 19 Small Business Marketing Advice

If you are a small business owner and need help NOW this is for you. We give you actionable tips and advice that you can do right away to promote your business.

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SEO Jargon Buster

Date: 12/30/2019 @10:32 PM, By Trevor StolberTwiter linkLinkedIn link


SEO is full of Jargon, but what does it all mean? We put together this Jargon Buster guide so you can be up to scratch on your SEO and Digital Marketing Acronyms

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WIX SEO Battle

Date: 8/18/2109 @11:21 PM, By Trevor StolberTwiter linkLinkedIn link


The Wix SEO Battle is an SEO contest where unusually only two competitors are battling it out to rank highest for the search term WIX SEO. The imputus for this, and this is debatable, is that WIX is no good for SEO and there is (as is common in the SEO industry) a lot of speculation but relatively little actually fact based research on the topic. There are some exceptions and we will list them below in the resources section.

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7 Major SEO Advantages you should know

Date: 6/25/2109 @10:39 PM, By Karem OrtizTwiter link

Search engine optimization is a fundamental part of e-business success, whether or not your services or products are sold online, you need to be found in organic search for “relevant” keywords your customers are using.

According to Hubspot stats research, 2019:

“ 94% of organic searches are conducted by users on Google”

“82% of searches through smartphones are “near me” searches”

“50% of those smartphone searches end up in a visit to a local store within one day”

7 Major SEO Advantages you should know

Use the 11-20 Principle to Boost your Rankings

Date: 6/17/2109 @09:59 PM, By Trevor StolberTwiter linkLinkedIn link

Boost your rankings to the first page of Google

Get massive amounts of traffic with very minimal effort

You can explode your traffic by moving your pages that already rank on page 2 rank on page 1 where the traffic can easily be 10 times your existing traffic.

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SERP Turbulence is high!

Date: 6/4/2109 @10:10 PM, By Trevor StolberTwiter linkLinkedIn link

The SERP turbulence following the roll out of the core algorithm update is high, particular in the news industry.

Local pack and featured snippet seem to be where the SERP features are down with top stories and instant answer gaining in the SERPs. There are also more ads, particularly bottom of the SERP ads which isn't too surprising.

Goolge Core Algorithm is Live!

Date: 6/3/2109 @10:01 PM, By Trevor StolberTwiter linkLinkedIn link

So the June 2019 core algorithm update is officially live!

SEO Test

From what we know so far this update focusses on three main areas

  1. Quality of content
  2. Relevance
  3. Authority

Early indications are that this is focussing quite heavily on news stories in general and the top stories featured snipper data appears to be down in general across the board. We will keep monitoring the situation and leep you updated.

Goolge Core Algorithm Update Coming - 6/3/2019!

Date: 6/2/2109 @10:47 PM, By Twiter linkLinkedIn link

The Google Search Liason team took the highly unusual step of giving us prior warning to an upcoming core algorithm update. We will be closely monitoring this and updating on what we find.

Ultimate Guide to SEO


Learn what works in SEO for 2019
Master the techniques that actually get you a number 1 ranking in the search results


11-20 Principle


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