About our agency

About Our Digital Marketing Agency

Our agency was founded after a successful 20+ year SEO Freelancer realized time is not scalable and there’s only so much one person can do in the fast growing digital space. With a heavy emphasis on process and efficiency, we built our system, implemented SOPs and training, and launched a plan to elevate the digital marketing agency.
  1. Jun, 1997
    First ever Website and SEO

    Before Google was a thing and way before everyone had a website, a small engineering firm tasked me with building their website. I learned HTML and produced the site, then I was astonished to find that in the search engine (of sorts) of the day, the site ranked 6th for the company name! I had to find out why and that started a life long obsession with SEO. I had to know why the site didn't rank and what I needed to do to make it rank!

  2. SEO
    Jan, 2000
    SEO Competitions

    In the early days of SEO it really was the wild west of digital marketing. It was new, things were evolving and (dare I say it) it was starting to become cool!

    Once SEO found its feet and people started to doing it, it became abundantly clear that it was very lucrative. Therefore, the practitioners need to prove their abilities.

    The early 2000s saw some fairly high profile competitions, where I placed top 10 in several.

  3. May, 2003
    WordPress Comes Along

    WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editors came along and as a code purist I despised these early website CMS systems. They had bloaty inefficient code and were slow and buggy.

    I liked to do everything by hand and have full control. At this point in time my mantra was "fast efficient business websites that get found in search engines.”.

  4. Jul, 2011
    Moved from the UK to the US

    The great thing about digital marketing is it can be done from anywhere!

    My freelance career continues as I work with clients on every continent while building a network in the Twin Cities.

  5. Jan, 2019
    STOLBER Digital Marketing Agency Was Formed

    My business continued to grow, however so did my family. With the passion and drive to meet growth demands, the logical progression was to launch a digital marketing agency with a team of experts.

    Building a team alongside efficient processes has enabled me to do so much more than I ever expected. We continue to grow and I am impressed every day with what our team achieves!

  6. Jul, 2022
    Growing and Improving Every Day!

    We continuously improve our process - every day - we have a department dedicated to this and research.

    We are mentioned and cited by some of the top industry players.

    We strive every day to improve a little bit. 

Excellent Support
Responsiveness is a STOLBER core value. We have people working 24/7 and aim to respond immediately – even if it's just an email to say, hey we hear you and we will get back to you soon.
Awesome Team
We have an excellent team of highly skilled people that contribute to our systems and processes to make us better every day.
Website Management
Measurable and reported, magic doesn't happen over night but consistent efforts and diligence pay off.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear. We want to be the best digital marketing agency. We’ll do this by making every website we touch more meaningful, impactful, and critical to the success of our client’s business.

Our Valuable Clients

Our clients are our best marketing. Testimonials trump all, and we have them in droves. We are very glad to be working with such amazing businesses. We treat every site like it’s our own!

Happy Clients About Us

Trevor is a great guy to work with. He is very good at what he does and he has helped our business tremendously in the online world. I highly recommend his services for increasing your business online presence.
Scott Richie
 Scott Richie
There aren't many companies that will provide you with FREE, valuable and actionable insights just from a conversation! Trevor was extremely generous and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
Richard Hellier
 Richard Hellier
Trevor & his team are an incredible group that do absolutely fantastic work -- if you're considering them, you should absolutely work with them. Talented marketers + better people!
Sam Tomlinson
 Sam Tomlinson
I got great advice from Trevor. He showed me how I could track performance of various marketing channels so I can see what is performing well. Very impressed with the service - thanks!
Elyas Rk
 Elyas Rk
Trevor and his team have really helped us improve the quality of our website, and have worked to put together a detailed plan to improve our digital presence, SEO, and impact. Definitely recommend.
Kyle Zrenchik
 Kyle Zrenchik
I got great advice from Trevor. He showed me how I could track performance of various marketing channels so I can see what is performing well. Very impressed with the service - thanks!
Elyas Kefela
 Elyas Kefela