7 Major SEO Advantages

Search engine optimization is a fundamental part of e-business success, whether or not your services or products are sold online, you need to be found in organic search for “relevant” keywords your customers are using.

7  Major SEO Advantages you should know

According to Hubspot stats research, 2019:

“ 94% of organic searches are conducted by users on Google”

“82% of searches through smartphones are “near me” searches”

“50% of those smartphone searches end up in a visit to a local store within one day”

As you can see, driving organic traffic pays off by acquiring customers online or off-line”

And here I aim to help you understand the 7 major benefits of SEO for your business:

1. SEO helps you to reach customers at every stage of the marketing funnel.

In simple terms, if you have content on your website solely for informational purposes such as “how to” or “x reasons why…”, customers searching to know what a particular product is or how “acquiring that product” can help them, i.e. to gain energy or lose weight, will drive them to your website. When they land there, they will not only find the information they are looking for but also, a place where to search for prices and get the product.

2. SEO helps you to be seen as trustworthy by search engines and users

When your content is indexed and receives relevant traffic Google starts seeing your website as valuable, not because of your DA or PA but because users are visiting your site and spending a considerable amount of time there. This tells Google “your site is providing value” and can influence in your position on SERPs. Which leads to:

3. SEO helps your business to make sales

In the short-term, having an optimized website with all foundations in place and content helping users will end up in sales, users already are familiar with your blog, they see you are knowledgeable in the industry, thus a bit of their trust has already been earned to purchase and if you include testimonials they will purchase. It is not easy to gain their trust but your advice, tips and showing up will pay off in the long-term.

4. SEO helps to minimize advertising spend

I am not saying advertising should not be used in your marketing strategy. I am saying that SEO combined with advertising is the way forward. Indeed, advertising increases revenue and profits, but implementing SEO best practices will keep your business in organic search in the long-run.
Both are useful, SEO will help your company budget throughout the year allowing your marketing team to allocate financial resources better which will save a considerable amount of bucks compared to using advertising mainly.

5. SEO helps to reach wider audiences

If targeting different multi-segments, you have the possibility to create content for each of these. If you are an international company, chances are, your customer profile does not fit within one single category.

Applying SEO techniques will help you to target by relevant searches by country, lifestyle, age, relevant keywords. And you can get this information in sites like Google search console and Google trends.

6. SEO gives you the flexibility to create different types of content

If you hate writing plain text, you can use videos, podcasts, infographics and images to showcase your content. There are not one-size fits all so users will vary in their preferences for content and Google knows that.

In fact, using videos can help you to rank 50x more on Google (Hubspot stats research)

7. SEO will help to leverage communication with potential customers and save you time

Back 10 years ago, most businesses used to pay an assistant to cold-calling clients, even now that stills happen but much less often
With SEO, you can be upfront with visitors by having a full outline of what you offer, what is included and not include and the ranging prices. Thus, no surprises, but most importantly users will find easily your products and services and you will save time and money in back and forth communication or having to pay an assistant to cold-calling prospective clients.

Written by Karem Ortiz - Digital marketer at https://karemortiz.nl/

Karem is as a digital marketer based in the Netherlands. She loves to create content that engages such as articles, videos, email marketing. Contact her at contact@karemortiz.nl

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