11-20 Principle

Boost your rankings to the first page of Google

Get massive amounts of traffic with very minimal effort

You can explode your traffics by moving your pages that already rank on page 2 rank on page 1 where the traffic can easily be 10 times your existing traffic.

Link building with the 11-20 principle

The 11-20 principle is the biggest bang for buck SEO tactic.

One of the most burning questions people have is how to rank in Google? The search engine rankings are difficult to climb and page one seems like a unicorn to many SEOs and digital marketing professionals.

The 11-20 principle is an seo technique focussed effort on improving pages that rank in positions 11-20 of the search results.

These are page 2 rankings that will be getting very little traffic compared to what they would be generating if they ranked in page 1.

This can literally be 10 times the traffic.

What do you do to boost your rankings?

Basics - Title, Description, Headings, Body

It never hurts to go back to basics and make sure that you are including your keywords in the title tag, meta description, heading tags and body text. It is surprising how often this is not the case, even on pages that have been done by a professional SEO.

Making sure you are following best practice on page seo techniques with properly optimized page titles is very important.


Next thing to look at is location and proximity. More significance is placed on text that appears near the beginning of the document. A small change in placement of a sub heading, or keywords within a paragraph or bolding some text can make the difference. Experiment with placement.


Links are the main driver in rankings, but getting lots of external links is time consuming and hard work.

Referring Domains

Ref: Backlinko Search Engine Ranking Study

However you have the ability to use internal links to your advantage.
You can link to relevant anchors within a page you want to rank for a keyword.
You can also use relevant internal pages and link to your page that you want to push from page 2 up to page 1.


Quality content is critical, but content length is also very important. Benchmark the top 10 results for how much text they have and where their keywords are used and see if you stand up to the benchmark.

Adding more useful content and expanding deeper into a subject can really help to push your page up the rankings.

Several studies have shown that longer form content ranks better. This can literally be the difference between the first and second page.

Content Length

Its not enough just to create a blog post with relevant content and expect to get on the first page, let alone any meaningful traffic.

This is the challenge of content marketing, which is a huge topic in and of its self.

Content Type


Similarly with longer form content, having at least one image within your content can make a boring page look exciting. These pages tend to rank better. Studies show that there is a relationship between sites that rank well and image use.

Images within content

Ref: Backlinko Search Engine Ranking Study


  1. - semantics
  2. - HTML 5
  3. - mark up
  4. - header
  5. - structured data

Code semantics and structure can have a significant effect on your rankings. Make sure that you have correctly structured code that follows appropriate HTML standards. You can use Google's URL testing tool and structured data testing tools.

SEO Code

If you use HTML <header>, <article> and <section> tags make sure that they are appropriately formatted and that you include your relevant keywords in the sections that make sense. Make sure your keywords are used priminently and in close proximity to the start of these elements. That doesn't mean stuffing your keywords in, it just means make sure your important content is visible and marked up in appropriate sections.

For example the first section of code below is probably better than the code below it. Both are perfectly valid and convery similar information, the first section of code more clearly emphasizes the importance of your keyword.

<header><h1>Keyword</h1><p>Brief intro</p></header>
<article><h2>Keyword</h2><p>Some text here</p></article>

<article><h1>Keyword</h1><p>Some text here</p></article>

Page Speed

Page speed can have a significant effect on rankings. You can use various tools to test the speed of your page. Minifying javascript and css, optimizing images and fixing load time issues can help speed up your page. This in its self can help to move your page up the rankings.

Load Time


Making sure your page has good structuring can make a difference without even changing any text, links or other attributes.


Don't make too many changes at once. Be systematic and thorough in your process. Make a change, wait and then observe the effect.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO makes sure all of the code, tags, attributes and structure of a site are optimized and correctly formated to make it easy for search engines to find your site.


Market Research

Market Research

Learn about our unique and customized market research process. We go beyond the traditional keyword research and conduct thorough market research